Your first session is free so come and try us out! If you enjoy it and want to join the choir then we ask people to pay £20 or £15 a month by direct debit. We are committed to making the choir as accessible as possible for people on low income so do talk to our treasurer David if you need a bursary to enable you to come.

Sing with Pride at Hayman Lodge

Here’s why we joined Sing with Pride:

“I wanted to sing in a choir where I felt safe to be myself and celebrate my sexuality”

“I wanted to show my support and commitment to the LGBT community as a straight ally”

“I wanted to sing in a relaxed atmosphere”

“I wanted to sing about my identity”

“I wanted to sing and be OUT & PROUD”

“I wanted a sense of community”

“I wanted to be in a choir that allowed me to be who I am without judgement”

And here’s what being in Sing with Pride means to us:

“Therapy, emotional support, connection with LGBT community, activism, friends, oh and singing”

“A sense of belonging where I can develop my singing”

“Friendship and acceptance and a sense of ‘family’. Fun.”

“Safe, emotional space, wonderful friends and confidence to sing”

“Chilling out. Release from tension.”

“Fun and friends for life!!!”

“Solidarity! Friendship. Humanity!”

Click the Play button below to hear us talking in 2011 about why we loved being part of the Sing with Pride choir.