Where do I sing in the choir?

Most of our songs are in 4‐part harmonies: tops (high) low middles, high middles, bottoms (low). You can move around the choir for different songs to find the best part for your voice. We’ve got a talented Musical Director called Charlie who is very approachable so do talk to him or your colleagues in the choir if you’re feeling nervous or unsure about what you’re doing.

SingwithPride in concert

What if I can’t read music?

Don’t worry! The sessions are designed for people with all levels of musical experience ‐ including people who believe they can’t sing.
There’s no need to read music as we also learn everything by ear. Choir members can also print words and music or download audio files from our members’ website:

What kind of songs do we sing?

Everything from world music to pop to opera. It’s important to us to have songs in our repertoire that resonate with the LGBT community and we’ve got some key ones that we perform regularly, for example Something Inside So Strong, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Homophobia. We’ve created a suite of original micro-songs with coming out stories from the OUT140 Project.

Where does the choir perform?

We’re a busy choir with lots of performances at key diversity events such as the No to Hate Crime Vigil, Black History Month, World AIDS Day, LGBT History Month and of course Norwich Pride at the end of July.


Charlie our Musical Director