Hand in Hand in Brighton

swp at hand in hand

We had a wonderful time in Brighton at the UK and Ireland LGBT Choirs Festival. We went to some amazing singing workshops, took part in some spectacular concerts, learnt loads in the Sunday morning workshops for choir leaders and had a lovely Big Gay picnic in the park. We sang an OUT140 Suite of 6 songs including our “micro-opera” with Mary Benefiel.

photo 1

Here’s what people said about our performance:

I laughed so much I nearly peed myself

That was about as much fun as you could have in 10 minutes

It was amazing!

brilliant! Your set really stood out from all the others

I loved the humour. It was great to be able to laugh

BRILLIANT performance. Very original and witty. Fantastic!

It was wonderful

You guys were really excellent, very different

I loved how original your material was. You really looked like you enjoyed yourself. That’s a great thing to see in a choir

Oh my god your set was fantastic, so clever

It was so original

It was so refreshing, it was just great

Sometimes we can be so intense. It was nice to hear songs written about things people have genuinely said

Touching and rather lovely

It was so moving, very cleverly done, beautiful

Charming, immediate, arresting

It was really uplifting

I loved your show and I want a copy of your book!

I loved your little coming-out songs! Are they available to share?

 photo 2